Tissue processing blade

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This is a bar for toilet paper plus cutting jobs, circular blade, and blade folding machine sealing blade.

  This is a bar for toilet paper plus cutting jobs, circular blade, and blade folding machine sealing blade. Choice of materials: 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, W6M5Cr4V2, W18Cr4V so on.

  ● High-speed papermaking wrinkle Blade: for the production of toilet paper for speed 500-2200 m / min.

  ● Low-speed papermaking wrinkle Blade: for 60-180 m / min, machine-made paper. According to domestic locomotive slow, requiring blade has a high abrasion resistance characteristics without injury cylinder, developed by the company several years to develop into the attack, in November 2002 into the market, with significant cost savings and other advantages.

  ● Imported toilet paper roll rewinding and perforated fixed length cutting knives, throwing knives.

  ● facial tissue, napkins, paper handkerchiefs adopt a more rational tool materials paired with high wear resistance, smooth edges, no edges, etc..

  ● Domestic rewinder trimming knife, punch fixed knife (the company is now changing the overall length of the strip), throwing knives, machine pipe cutter, knife roll off (using the new material no black phenomenon), non-woven special cloth-cutter, napkin individually wrapped knives.

  ● The company's latest single, double-sided carbide cutter ring, supporting the import of high-speed slitter rewinder for slitting toilet paper, culture paper, with high speed steel circular knife, good wear resistance, grinding cycle length, etc., is a national initiative.

  ● wrinkle wear resistant blade: for domestic and imported high-speed papermaking machines, speed of 180-450 m / min

  ● toilet paper roll great circle cutter: made ​​of imported materials D2, is now the domestic and foreign vendors.

   Stock Specifications:

  610mm X 68.263mm X 4.76mm

  610mm X 68.263mm X 3.8mm

  610mm X 100mm X 3.0mm

  Non-standard according to demands.

toilet paper blade

  ● In recent years, our company according to the country from Taiwan, Italy, the United States imported toilet paper roll different characteristics of long saws were developed to produce great circle cutting tool has a high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and then developed with the company's own wheel, can achieve higher accuracy, thus cutting out the roll no edges, no saw marks, no black phenomenon, Winder supporting the overall length of the punch knife and fixed knife with reasonable wear with ratio, fixed knife used CNC machine tools open tooth, knife parallelism tolerance between 0,01, thus ensuring the quasi-holes are played degree.