Zhuang language in Guangxi

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Zhuang language in Guangxi



  Main article: Zhuang language

  There is an indigenous Zhuang language, which has been written with Zhuang logograms based on

  Chinese characters for over a thousand years, and now is officially written in Roman letters.

  Zhuang language

  is a language from the Tai language group used by the Zhuang people. Most

  speakers live in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region within the People's Republic of China,

  where it is an official language.

  Standardized Zhuang is based on the dialect of Wuming County. Buyei is actually just a slightly

  different standard form of Zhuang, used across the province border in Guizhou. There is a dialect

  continuum between Zhuang and Buyei.

  Zhuang is a tonal language. It has six tones in open syllables.