New paper that NEVER needs ink

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  Experts have revealed a new type of paper that can be erased and rewritten without the need for ink.

  They say that even in early prototype form, it can be rewritten 20 times without affecting the resolution.

  It works by using ultraviolet light to photobleach a dye in the paper, except the portions that constitute the text on the paper.

  The new rewritable paper can be erased and written on more than 20 times with no significant loss in contrast or resolution.

  Chemists at the University of California,Riverside say their rewritable paper is based on the color switching property of commercial chemicals called redox dyes.

  The dye forms the imaging layer of the paper.

  'It represents an attractive alternative to regular paper in meeting the increasing global needs for sustainability and environmental conservation.' said Yadong Yin, a professor of chemistry, whose lab led the research, which is published today in Nature Communications.

  'The printed letters remain legible with high resolution at ambient conditions for more than three days – long enough for practical applications such as reading newspapers,' Yin said. 'Better still, our rewritable paper is simple to make, has low production cost, low toxicity and low energy consumption.'

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New paper that NEVER needs ink

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