Plastic Market Outlook

Time:2015-04-10 Read:
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  Plastics are important for their environmental and economic benefits, such as conserving resources and saving energy: 4% of overall energy output in the US is consumed in the creation of plastic products. It also takes 30% less energy to make polystyrene containers than paperboard containers. Plastics have a positive knock-on effect on the environment in so much as their light weight means they cost less to transport than heavier alternatives, requiring less gas. Plastic car parts also reduce gas consumption. With governments putting more legislative measure in place to protect the environment, the demand for plastics is likely to continue growing, especially due to the material’s recyclability

  he plastics industry involves other market segments such as medical plastics, environmental (ex: plastic solar cells) and recycling.

  Shredder blade, Pelletized blade and Straight blade is our strong products.

  Many size of blade could be offered.

  So in plastic industry. recycling is very important filed for machine knives and blades.

  Shredder blade, Pelletized blade and Straight blade is our strong products.

  Application of rotating shredder blades for  recycling  industry:

  Plastic  rotating shredder blade is mainly used as rotary blades in single shaft shredder, insutrial shredder.They are used  to shred waste paper and film ,recycling plastic and rubber lumps or wood in big size ,  PS, PP, PA, PE, PVC, PC material blowing film, rolling film, large plastic pipes and sheet material.