Textile,Non-woven Fabric,Polyster knives

  If you are in the business of converting textiles, fabrics, or other woven materials, Liuzhou Lian United Knives Co.,Ltd has the blades andaccessories to get the job done right. We supply custom and OEM textile blades and textile knives as well as knives for non-woven cutting applications.Whether you are operating a standard textile slitter rewinder, a tenter frame, hot knife slitter rewinder (HSR), or any other textile knife or woven fabric conversion machine we can supply and sharpen your blades.These textile blades and knives are exceptionally made from the highest grade steels and Tungsten Carbide while meeting the strict tolerances required.



Textile,Non-woven Fabric,Polyster knives  Industrial Machine Knives




  Our textile blades and textile knives has a wide range of shapes such as circular, straight,curved, convex, toothed, scalloped, and for different cut processes such as dicing, slicing,slitting, rewinding,sheeting, perforating,guillotine cutting and trimming. Many standard replacement blades in stock for immediate shipment.


  Fiber - Lummus - Fleissner - DM&E - Krupt - Nuemag

  Textile - Wolf - Eastman - Maimin - Cameron - Barmag

  Cloth - Gerber - Lectra - Rosenthal - Elsner - Celli

  Recycling - Pierret - LaRoache - Taylor Styles - Retech - Saturn

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Polyster knives Polyster knives

Polyster knives Polyster knives