Endurable Sharpness Plastic Granulator/Grinder Blades

Granulator blades, plastic grinder blades, plastic crusher blades, shredder blade and pelletizing blades are our main and strong products. They are suitable for various machines such as Zerma, Vecoplan, Previero, Herbold, Nelmor, Weima, Rapid Granulator, Tria, Cumberland etc.

  Due to our engineers who have decades years' experience in heat treatment, levelling, grinding, quality testing, we are confident to offer you blades/knives of enduarable sharpness, good wearing resistance.


  Most of these blades are made of D2 tool steel. M2, A8, ASP can also be used as per customers' requirements and the plastic material they want to cut.


  Dimensions of blades we have made:



  640x120x11 mm

  498x95x22 mm

  And so many others...


Our blades for plastic recycling can be used for PET bottle cutting, hard plastic scrap, LDPE film etc.

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