Paper cutting Systems for slitting blade

Paper Systems maintains and upgrades winder, roller and slitter winder for the paper-processing industry. The portfolio further includes upgrades and modernizations of drives, controls and operations, as well as pneumatic and hydraulic systems. By providing all required spare parts, service- and retrofit work, we secure operation efficiency of your machinery and equipment for years to come.

Our knife including top slitting knives, dished knives, bottom knives and circular knives.
in D2, M2, HSS and Carbide material.

1. In slitting circular knives, material is D2, M2. dimension as follow
    62 x 40 x 1mm,
    64 x  40 x1mm,
    90 x 60 x 1.2mm,
    100 x 65 x 1.2mm,
    105 x 65 x 1.2mm,
    105 x 75 x 1.2mm,
    130 x 100 x 1.5mm,
    150 x 100 x 1.5 mm and so on 

2. For high quality paper rewinders blade, we produce circular blade in Tungsten Carbide. dimension as follow
    240 x 32 x 1.2mm
    250 x 150 x 1.2mm
    260 x 114 x 1.4mm
    280 x 160 x 1.5mm and so on. 


3. In high quality guillotine, we produce for Polar blade, Wohlenberg blade and Perfecta blade.