Blades for Cutting Waste Plastic


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LUK can manufacture blades for waste plastic cutting for the following equipement: Cumberland, Previero, Herbold, Nelmor, Weima, Zerma, Erema, Rapid Granulator, Tria, Ball & Jewell, Foremost, Granutec, Mitts & Merrill Taylor-Stiles, Precision Airconvey as well as many more.


Plastic recycling factories works 24hours a day without stops and machines and blades will also be in operation every minute. It requires very good quality of the blades to avoid sharpening blades frequently, for which will not only increase the cost of sharpening blades, but also increase the cost of time that will be wasted for changing the blades.


LUK has always been aiming at making good quality blades, to help customer save cost when using our blades.