D2 steel granulator rotating plastic crusher blades

 LUK manufactures a wide range of granulator blades,  shredder blades, pelletizer blades. LUK offer these blades for the following equipement: Cumberland, Previero, Herbold, Nelmor, Weima, Zerma, Rapid Granulator, Tria, Ball & Jewell, Foremost, Granutec, Mitts & Merrill Taylor-Stiles, Precision Airconvey as well as many more..


  Our blades are manufactured from the highest quality steel and to dimensional tolerances that meet or exceed OEM specifications. All blades are match ground per set to ensure precision fit, precise cutting and longevity. Available in premium D-2 tool steel, M2. All of our blades are precision manufactured to extremely close tolerances, with a razor sharp, burr-free edge.

LUK is Confident to Cut Your Cost as Well as Your Products.


995x100x22mm  Fixed blade for Herbold



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