Precision Slitting Blades for Slitter/Rewinder Machines

LUK Knives have many years’ experience in producing circular slitting blades for Slitter Rewinder Machines. We are committed to providing customer with high quality products, using the best material: M2, D2, 52100 and Carbide. The specification we are producing as below:


62 x 40 x 1mm

64 x40 x1mm

90 x 60 x 1.2mm

100 x 65 x 1.2mm

105 x 65 x 1.2mm

105 x 75 x 1.2mm

130 x 100 x 1.5mm

150 x 100 x 1.5mm



Welcome to ask for prices, we have stock and can deliver in short time. If you would like other specification, welcome to send us drawings, we will respond as soon as possible.